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Domestic and Foreign Policy results show that, at the national level, the Republican and Democratic Parties are obsolete. They are like slide rules in a digital age, and both are severely damaged brands. This should surprise no one, because in the business world corporate obsolescence is a normal occurrence. More than 50% of U.S. citizens believe that neither party represents them.

In the 21st C. and beyond, a new, modern and more capable Party is required to resolve issues and move ahead. U.S. citizens must have a greater voice and role in controlling the U.S. Government.

A Change in Direction: The U.S. must re-assert itself as an Achievement Society, not continue along the path to a Socialist Welfare State.  An Achievement Society is one in which emphasis is placed on personal achievements (education, fitness etc.) and national achievements (increasing household income, decreasing unemployment, crime and income inequality, etc.). We also own the trademark for “The Achievement Party®, and you will see that phrase in our media communications as well. 

Foreign intelligence gathering is at an all-time high, and this is a public website.  Therefore the specific policies, solutions and approaches we may take to resolve the Issues discussed here are not included.

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