AMERICA is HALFWAY to ORWELL’S 1984 – THANKS TO OUR TWO-PARTY SYSTEM (and that?s NOT a good thing)

AMERICA is HALFWAY to ORWELL’S 1984 – THANKS TO OUR TWO-PARTY SYSTEM (and that?s NOT a good thing)
June 10, 2012 American Party

The American Party? believes that American citizens should be managing Government, including the Congress and Federal bureaucracies, rather than the other way around.

This week?s events reminded of George Orwell?s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four published in 1949. Its worth a look if you skipped it – the CliffsNotes version or Wikipedia summary will do nicely. It?s a novel about life in a future society known as Oceania, which is dominated by constant public mind control and government surveillance using technology. Oceania?s totalitarian government compels compliance with a single political ideology known as IngSoc, or English Socialism. The purpose of IngSoc is political control of its citizens, all of whom are under the control of an omnipresent dictator known as ?Big Brother?. Individual thinking and reasoning are held to be thoughtcrimes, punishable by the Thought Police. Thoughtcriminals are sent to the Ministry of Love, which is ironically named as it inflicts brainwashing, misery, torture and fear to control the will of the population. Here?s a graphic of Oceania that looks very much like America today:

The Proles are representative of the lower and middle classes. The only difference is that Proles make up about 95% of the population in today?s America. The Outer Party (4%) represents the rich, households worth $1M or more. The Inner Party (1%) represents the political class and the super-rich such as billionaires, Wall Street traders/executives, software millionaires and some professional athletes.

Several events of this past week reminded us of the continuing trend towards Oceania, IngSoc and Big Brother.

The first was the finding that the National Security Agency (NSA) is building the country?s biggest communications spy center in Bluffdale, Utah. Its purpose? The NSA claims that it is being built to help protect against cyberwar and cyber-hacking. But it is also capable of collecting, deciphering and analyzing all of our cellphone, e-mail, Google searches, blog posts and phone calls. In the words of former NSA cryptoanalyst and official James Binney, “We are that far (holding thumb and forefinger close together) from a turnkey totalitarian state.” How can we be sure that our communications will remain private when the Utah center goes active in 2013? Given the need to prevent domestic terrorism, we think it likely that eventually the Utah center will actively monitor our personal communications with or without a court order.

The second was an interview given by Nobel Laureate economist Dr. Joseph Stiglitz, who tells us in a June 8 interview which can be seen here that ?the American Dream is a myth?, and that ?America is No Longer the Land of Opportunity.” Stiglitz is one of the world?s best known economists. This is notable as Americans for the first time are being publicly told that realizing their dreams of achievement and upward mobility are no longer possible.

The third was the disclosure of a April 23, 2012 memorandum by the Secretary of the Air Force which discusses the use of military drones over America to ?balance…obtaining intelligence information…and protecting individual rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.? There is nothing to prevent the Government from using drones to watch us, listen to us, and record information. This is discussed more fully in former judge Andrew Napolitano?s column seen here and a report in the Christian Science Monitor seen here.

The fourth was President Obama?s press conference on Friday, June 8, the latest in a long string of Presidential (Republican and Democrat) Big Brother-style pressers in which we are told what to believe. In this event, we were told that the economy?s problems are the result of the European debt crisis and the fact that States and cities have had to lay off government workers. Our point is that Presidential press conferences and addresses to the nation used to be reserved for important policy statements. It meant something when the President asked for TV time. Now they mean much less because most are intended to spin the news for political gain.

Finally, on June 9 we had the news that kindergartners at PS 90 at Coney Island, New York won?t be able to sing Lee Greenwood?s song ?Proud to be an American? at their June 20 moving up ceremony because the Principal says that ?we don?t want to offend other cultures.? This despite the fact that the song has overwhelming support from the kids and parents at PS 90, many of whom are immigrants. This is just another example of out-of-control political correctness, a precursor of an Orwellian society in which a Ministry of Truth rewrites history, changes the facts and enforces thought control to fit Party doctrine, which is that multiculturalism is the only acceptable social model – the ?melting pot? model which molded generations of immigrants together to make America great is no longer acceptable.

Everyone can add 2 and 2 from these events and see where this is going. We are heading for IngSoc, Big Brother, the Thought Police and the Ministries of Truth and Love. Today we are being told that the economy is bad and its someone else?s fault. Now we?re starting to be told by noted economists that nothing can be done about it – that Americans are powerless to change their lot in life. You can vote, but you?re really impotent to change anything. Want to contest that? Well, the Government has aerial and electronic surveillance capabilities.

A Feb. 18, 2010 Rasmussen poll found that only 21% of voters believe that the Federal Government enjoys the consent of the governed as seen here. And they are right. The Republican and Democratic parties are equally responsible for the growth of Big Brother.

But all is not lost. Americans are perceptive enough to know what?s happening even without a Paul Revere-style, alarm-ringing mainstream media. 38% of Americans now call themselves Independents rather than Republicans or Democrats. We know we?re being shafted by power-hungry, incompetent politicians.

The American Party is still idealistic, we still believe America?s problems can be solved and we still believe America?s best days are ahead of it. Let?s regain our idealism, challenge the status quo and begin to make plans to manage Government rather than Government managing us. This will only happen with the emergence of a third party – the American Party?.


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